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Race proven performance!

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LA Racing Lubricants range of transmission and gearing oils provides quick and smooth gear shift for competitive motorcycle racing, increase load carrying performance where gear down change in transmissions in high revving engines is performed and cooler oil temperatures in rear drive differentials. Track testing in V8 race car differentials has recorded data via thermo testing of 15 – 20˚ below that of other competitors gear oils.

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LA Racing Lubricants formulate for road racing, ATV to motocross motorcycle 2 and 4 stroke engines. When Top-end power is needed for straight-a ways on the track and mid-range power to give riders the kick they need to get out of the corners, LA Motorcycle Racing Lubricants provides smoother and quicker acceleration out of corners with improved straight line acceleration offering cooler operating temperature.

Motorcycle race engineers build engines in mind with bearing clearance for torque load at the bottom end and piston ring clearance to ensure that an engine will hold its specified compression. You can be assured that LA Racing Lubricants will be with you to protect these vital components of engine performance and stay intact after many meetings of race competition.

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The LubeAlloy range of racing motor engine oils for open wheelers through to touring car racing.  s road and race designed engines, and the number is continuing to expand with emerging technologies like hybrids. LA Racing Lubricants are formulated for engines of varying design including, Straight/Inline, V Type, Boxer, Rotary Wankel and Diesel.

No matter your race breed, LA Race Lubricants have an oil to suit your engine design and bearing tolerance.

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