LA Classic Series

LubeAlloy Classic Motor Oil series is ideal for use in many vehicles dating from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s reflecting veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

Specially blended for use in classic vehicles, the LubeAlloy CLASSIC MOTOR OIL series is a unique LA creation utilising PARA-syn base oil philosophy and technology from our industrial expertise and high performance Hyper-Zinc additives to maximise performance while providing anti-scuffing and high temperature wear protection for all classic petrol and diesel engines.

The technology behind the PARA-syn and PAES-syn technology results in a far more stable atomic structure when compared with your classic mineral oils and standard synthetics. This allows the LubeAlloy Classic Motor Oil Series to provide superior lubricating properties than other standard alternatives while also providing for far superior corrosion and oxidation protection to all internal engine components when classic vehicles are garaged for extended periods.

Unlike many modern engine oils, these unique formulations and the PARA-syn technology they utilise protect flat tappet valve trains and maintains chemical and mechanical compatibility with classic sealing technologies and engine designs keeping oil leakage to a minimum.

The Classic series provides superior chemistry to conventional motoring oils offering

  1. Compatibility with older seal types such as scroll style rear main
  2. No oil leakage on idling or longer garaging
  3. Extended oil service for long garage times with infrequent use.

The Classic series covers enthusiast club drivers to race club days.

With the LubeAlloy Classic Motor Oil Series, car enthusiast will notice quieter engines, smoother transmission gear shift and protection for their investment.