Why LA Racing Oils?

What makes LA Racing different?

From Heavy Industry to Competition Performance, Bringing Industrial Technology to Racing

LA Racing Oils are the premium motorsport range from LubeAlloy

At LA Racing Oils, our commitment to performance racing is as dedicated as those who race, build and prepare race and street performance engines, transmissions and differentials.

All LA Racing Oils are formulated with our proprietary synthetic admixture of high performance base oils and unique chemicals that provide significant performance gains.

LA Racing Oils offer two series of race oils, AMPT Series and the AMPT Super Series.

We continue to provide Australian Race teams with exceptional race oils without the marketing hype from overseas companies and distributors. We formulate and produce niche oils and are proud to maintain Australian manufacturing and business independence.


In 2007, LubeAlloy technical engineers were invited to attend Mt Panorama for the Festival of Motorsport.

We were requested to apply our industrial lubricant expertise to formulate a race oil to overcome the heating issue for an air cooled 3.6lt Porsche 911 competing in NSW Production Sports Cars. This became the beginning of LA Racing Oils.

From those early beginnings, we have worked with race engineers to arrive at the high performance product range available today.

We remain amazed at the claims of overseas oil companies and the pricing of their Australian distributors that racers are forced to pay for the ‘brand name’ and their performance claims.

We offer a range of oils focussed on race and street performance whilst keeping your budget in perspective to do what is your passion, go racing.

Porsche 911 3.6 at Bathurst Festival of Sports Cars, Easter 2011 (above)

Proof is in the performance / pedigree

With top competitors racing on LA products in almost every division, why give your competition the edge?

LA’s unique technology

Decades of Industrial Lubrication Research and Technology Developments for Mining and Advanced Engineering under the hood of your vehicle.

Research and Development

The research and development department at LA Race Oils approaches product development and all product updates with a commitment to identifying and implementing the latest technologies. Since our business commencement in 1997, we have continued to be the name associated with increased power, performance and reliability.

In the research to provide unique oils for racing, the LA Racing chemist and technical team arrived at a select balance of synthetic oils and customised additives to provide maximum protection of the engine and gear sets.

LA Racing Oils two proprietary blends;

** AMPT Series applies the PARA-SYN™ blend technology

** AMPT Super Series applies the PAES-SYN™ blend technology

This select balance of synthetic oils allows race teams to spend less resources on replacing parts and fluids and more time out on the track by protecting metal components, increasing fluidity under colder temperature and viscosity retention under high temperature race conditions.

The Culture

As an Australian company LubeAlloy is proud of our national heritage and are proud to be involved in Australian motorsports at the grass roots level. Join The LA Racing family today.