About Us

At LA Racing, our commitment to performance racing is as dedicated as those who build and prepare race and street performance engines, transmissions and differentials.

All LA Racing Lubricants are formulated with our proprietary synthetic admixture of high performance base oils that provide significant performance gains.

LA Racing Lubricants offers three series of race oils, HPS Series, AMPT Series and the AMPT Super Series.

We continue to provide Australian Race teams with exceptional race oils without the marketing hype from overseas companies and distributors. We formulate and produce niche oils and are proud to maintain Australian manufacturing.


In 2007, LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants technical engineers were invited to attend Mt Panorama for the Festival of Motorsport.

That year we blended a simple race oil for a Porsche 911 competing in Production Sports Cars, this became the beginning of LA Racing.

Our background as a specialised industrial company was an invitation to meet this challenge. From those humble beginnings, we have constantly worked with race engineers to arrive at our product range today.

Porsche 911 3.6 at Bathurst Festival of Sports Cars, Easter 2011 (above)

Over the years, we continued to develop our proprietary base oil admixture and performance technology. Since that time we remain amazed at the claims of overseas oil companies and the pricing of their Australian distributors. Today we still shake our head at the pricing that racers are prepared to pay for the ‘name’, not backing the performance.

We offer a range of oils focussed on race and street performance whist keeping your money in your pocket to do what is your passion, go racing.

Base Oil Technology

In the research to provide unique oils for racing, the LA Racing chemist and technical team arrived at a select balance of synthetic oils to provide maximum protection of metal components, fluidity under colder temperature and viscosity retention under high temperature without sacrificing oil pressure.

LA Racing Lubricants three proprietary blends are referred to as;

** HPS Series applies the HPS™ oil blend technology

** AMPT Series applies the PARA-SYN™ blend technology

** AMPT Super Series applies the PAES-SYN™ blend technology

This select balance of synthetic oils allows race teams to spend less resources on replacing parts and changing fluids and more time out on the track.

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